About me


This blog contains information about technical, personal and other things which I would like to share while being alive (and maybe after life – we’ll see).

This blog represents my personal opinion and does not reflect any official statements from my employers & companies except explicitly stated.

Well, where do we start… I’ve grown up in Hannover, Germany. I live now near Düsseldorf.

I’m working as chief architect for Cegeka Germany.

My hobbies are my family (including the cats 😉 ), listening to and making music and visiting places all over the world.

I started as a programmer years ago with Pascal on DEC RSTS/E on a PDP 11/23 with 48kB memory per user process. Later I developed software with C/Fortran IV/Fortran 77/VAX Pascal/COBOL/C++/whatever and in the recent time in Java, Perl and C#. I’ve managed to achieve a PMP grade in 2009.

You can find some of my software artifacts on github.