Using with ASP.NET webforms – A generic approach is a flexible HTML table component used in many applications. Recently (in a large ASP.NET webforms legacy application) we’ve had the need to switch from a commercial product towards a product which is easier to maintain and which does not contain 5000 features where we use only 10 out of them (and some of the others are creating problems).

Using is very easy and requires only limited knowledge on JavaScript in case you are providing table data together with the data to be displayed. You can find tons of examples on the home page.

In case you are going to display data which is

  • hard to generate on the fly (volume, complex queries) or

  • is changing during paging or other table operations

you need to load data from the server even after the page has been requested. The term used in is “server side processing”.

By using a .NET handler class and a generic interface that encapsulates the data provider we’ve generated a solution which can be easily adapted to create a generic data table provider implementation in ASP.NET web pages.

I’ve created a short demo on github that shows the general approach and might help as a base to use an own implementation.